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Lightening & Fixtures

Lighting upgrades can have as great an impact as remodeling because the right illumination makes a big difference in the atmosphere of your home or business. Cloudy days and late-night entertaining are no problem with a beautifully designed, properly installed lighting system! Whether you’re looking for an entirely new lighting installation in your property or just a simple lighting repair, Property Handy Pro is the professional electrical company to call!

Service Benefits:

Our expert lighting electricians at Property Handy Pro provide an indoor and outdoor light fixture installation, replacement, and repairs. Our team shows up on time, works quickly, and cleans up after the job is done. Best of all, our skilled electricians know how to wire and repair light fixtures in home or office for reliable power, without the humming noise or flickering that can arise with amateur installation.

  1. Years of hands-on experience
  2. Same-day services
  3. Fair and competitive prices
  4. Attractive discounts
  5. Free and personalized estimates

What We Can Do For You

Our team’s product knowledge and familiarity with all styles of lighting can help you track down the look you want for a much lower price. Whether you are searching for a particular fixture or want to mimic a lighting technique, let our team show you how to save money and still get the look you want. Call Property Handy Pro at (866) 776-7782 for quality indoor/outdoor light fixture installation, replacement, and repair services in the PA area, or contact us online to request service.